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Microcement is one of the most popular types of continuous flooring in the world due to the decorative opportunities it offers both indoors and outdoors. A coating can be applied on the kitchen floor, bathroom floor, terrace floor,. . .

A building material that, despite its many years of history, has become much more popular in recent years, especially for covering all types of flooring. In this article, TKT Floor will show you some benefits of microcement flooring and today’s unique, modern and popular microcement floor designs.

1. Microcement concrete floor

Currently, grinding concrete floors or concrete effect floors will have many defects in terms of durability, easy cracking, permeability and suboptimal construction time.

And to overcome the above problems, Microcemento new technology concrete flooring is the perfect choice. Microcement flooring is a well-researched product from materials to construction processes. Ensure to meet the requirements well and overcome almost all defects of ordinary concrete floors.

Microcement flooring is a new technology, optimal in terms of cost, aesthetics, quality and construction schedule. Help bring a modern, sophisticated and luxurious space. The most optimal application for areas with large areas.

2. Why should you choose microcement flooring?

Without a doubt, there are many advantages of microcement flooring that most homeowners are unaware of.  Let’s find out and check some benefits of microcement flooring with TKT Floor:

2.1 Expansion joints:

Unlike other types of flooring, microcement flooring does not have expansion joints. This type of continuous floor is not flat. Although microcement floors are only 2 to 3mm thick, they are very durable

2.2 Adaptability:

Microcement flooring adheres to any type of material without having to remove existing extracts. In other words, with microcement flooring, you may not need to conduct extensive renovations. Microcement flooring is less expensive.

2.3 Dual Purpose:

Amazingly, microcement flooring can be used for your interior and exterior flooring. Not to mention, microcement flooring is suitable for your kitchen, bedroom, terrace,. . .

2.4 Heat resistance:

Microcement flooring is not changed too much by UV rays. In addition, microcement flooring has impressive thermal insulation compared to other floors.

2.5 More control over colors and finishes

Microcement flooring is unique because no two floors are alike. Microcement flooring offers you a variety of colors and designs. Overall there is more control over overall color, tone, texture and aesthetics with Microcement than with polished concrete finishes due to application and control methods of products and pigmentation measurements.

2.6 Uses and applications

Due to the application process, Microcements can be applied on walls, floors, ceilings and any other stable substrates in both domestic and commercial environments.

2.7 Less heavy/noisy machinery

Heavy and noisy diamond grinding and polishing tools are usually not required. Therefore, the application of these products in places where previously traditional polished concrete floors were not possible.

2.8 Dry time / fast construction

The application time required for microcement-finished floors is significantly reduced compared to polished concrete surfaces. Standard installation usually takes 4-5 days (may vary depending on size and complexity).

2.9 Flexibility in installation time

Due to reduced installation time requirements, actual micro-installation can be carried out at the end of the project, thus reducing the possibility of damage/compromise caused by third parties or other transactions. For example, installation can take place after the kitchen has been installed.

2.10 High crack resistance

Microcements are less prone to cracking than polished concrete floors. In general, the new foundation must be installed correctly, cured, dried. When installing microcement cement and any floor heating test runs were carried out in advance, thus greatly reducing the likelihood of cracking.

3. Some popular microcement concrete floor designs

3.1 Living room microcement flooring

Hình ảnh sàn microcement phòng khách
Photo of living room microcement flooring

3.2 Kitchen microcement flooring

Hình ảnh sàn microcement phòng bếp
Photos of microcement kitchen flooring

3.3 Bathroom microcement flooring

Hình ảnh Sàn microcement phòng tắm
Photos of bathroom microcement flooring

3.4 Outdoor microcement flooring

Hình ảnh sàn microcement ngoài trời
Pictures of outdoor microcement flooring

3.5 Microcement pool decking

Hình ảnh hồ bơi microcement
Microcement pool photos

3.6 Microcement staircase

Image of microcement stairs

3.7 Microcement applications cafes, shops

 Hình ảnh ứng dụng microcement trong thiết kế quán cà phê
Image of microcement application in café design
Hình ảnh ứng dụng microcement trong thiết kế cửa hàng
Image of microcement application in store design

3.8 Application of microcement for bars

Hình ảnh Ứng dụng microcement cho quầy bar
Gallery Application of microcement for bars

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